Monday, June 4, 2012

Inferno Whimsyshire

It's been a little bit since my last post, and I've primarily been occupying my time with goblin farming in Act 2. I know, it's incredibly boring, but it was an easy mechanism for me to use to gear up my character. I've improved most of my gear and was looking for something fun to do (instead of working on Act 4 progression). My wife and I decided that running Whimsyshire on Inferno might be neat. We cleared parts of Act 1 until we had a five stack of Nephalem Valor, and then we headed in to the rainbow land of ponies. We cleared everything except two elite packs that we accidentally stacked on top of each other. Whoops!

After that run I wanted to see how well my good friend Kormac and I would fare in there, so I headed back in to Act 1 alone and grabbed a quick five stack from the dungeons in the cemetery. It was a little more tedious to clear out Whimsyshire alone since the sole focus of every mob was on me, but I got a lot of kiting practice. At times I was wishing I had an ability like Hydra because I was running in circles so much. I did end up clearing every mob, and then put on my magic find gear and ran around looting clouds. Afterwards I joined up with some friends (see above) and we cleared the whole place again. I got a legendary crossbow from a cloud (yay legendary weapons), and much to my surprise it was yet another Hellrack. I have three now. Where is all the legendary jewelry!?

These are my new stats, and the ones that I was using to clear Whimsyshire. I also have a necklace with 6% movement speed so I can actually hit 23% which helps a ton with kiting. It's a about a 1700 damage loss for 4% poison damage and run speed. This damage allowed me to burn down minions, and a champion out of the packs fairly easily allowing me to kite a smaller pack most of the time. It really is noticeable when your damage starts to get that high. I have friends in Inferno that if I added their damage together would still have less than me so a lot of Act 1 exploded when I was gathering my stacks.

This is the spec that I was running. Poison Dart with Splinters is my only damage ability. It hits pretty darn hard now, and casts extremely fast. I also have Grasp with Unbreakable because kiting is king and it's probably the best snare in the game. Spirit Walk with Healing Journey because I don't have mana issues. Wall of Zombies is a newer addition to my arsenal. I just started using it the other day, and I have to say it's pretty awesome. Regular mobs cannot go through it so it completely blocks them. I have it runed with a snare so even if something can go through it they still get slowed. I also found tonight that if I wall in a champion mortar pack in a choke point I can spam darts from offscreen the whole time because they can't mortar me. Every time wall came up I made sure to hit them with it in a choke point, and they melted. Hex because sometimes things get really close and you just need to turn them in to a pig. Horrify is probably the one skill I could get rid of. It's my 'things got to close' backup for when everything else is down. It comes in handy when you have one champion left because you can snare, pig, and fear the thing and pretty much stand in it's face and burn it. I may swap it for something else in my next run.

So that's essentially the build I was running to farm ponies. My goblin farming build is similar. Swap Hex for Fetish Army and swap Horrify for Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance. I was running with 12k HP, 25k damage, and 210% magic find and had no issues killing anything on goblin road except elite/champion packs. I'm going to give Siegebreaker farming a shot. Siegebreaker himself is a joke and I can kill him easily, but reliably getting a five stack in Act 3 can be quite the challenge. Stay tuned!

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