Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Diablo 3 In Less Than A Week!

I figure I should probably give a little background on what this is. This is a blog that will track the journey of me and my closest companions as we defeat wave after wave of hellish minions on our quest to complete Diablo 3 on the hardest difficulty setting: Inferno. As an added bonus, once we complete the game on Inferno we will attempt to do it again, but with hardcore characters. Expect to see a lot of posts dedicated to the memory of our fallen heroes (and lost loot!).

As you can see I have been in the Diablo 3 beta for a while. This was the first user interface iteration that was in the beta, and if you played in the open beta weekend you know that it doesn't really look like this anymore. So you know I have played a lot of Diablo 3, but I play other games as well. I have played WoW at the hardcore raiding level for years, same with EverQuest, and I have also dabbled in new MMOs such as Rift, AION, and SWTOR to see what they are all about. I would consider myself a hardcore gamer.

At some point during the beta I decided to get all of the achievements. If achievements are something that interest you expect to see me posting about the more difficult ones. I'm not just here to show you what I did, but to help you do it as well. Hopefully there's a lot of Inferno related achievements to add to the fun.

After playing the beta for so long I had to start doing things that were more unconventional for fun. I decided to see how high I could get my character sheet damage on my Demon Hunter. This screenshot was not the highest that I got, but it was close. I think the highest that I got was around 76.7, and Rapid Fire pretty much melted everything.

So there you have it. You know a little bit more about me and what I have done so far, and you know what my goals are. I have no intention of competing for the world first clear of Inferno, but you had better believe that I will be busting my ass every time I am playing to make it to Inferno, and beat it. If you're interested in laughing at my misfortune make sure that you tune in when we switch things to hardcore. Until then.

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