Friday, May 25, 2012

Witch Doctor Inferno Solo Build and Act 2 Progression

So yesterday was a productive day. I started out by changing my build in to something that I could solo Inferno with. Thus far I have been grouping, and more or less relying on my teammates help in doing things. I decided to change this today.

As you can see I picked up a good bit of attack speed. The idea here is that I can set up my build around Poison Dart: Splinters since it only costs 10 mana, and then I can use the rest of my abilities to control the mobs. Since I haven't solo'd at all in Inferno my trusty templar was only level 59. I decided to try out my new build with him by my side from the beginning of Act 1 through the Skeleton King.

Here's the build that I was using. I made it through to the Skeleton King and killed him without ever dying. That's through about 11 or 12 champion/elite packs. Kormac hit level 60 so I gave him a nice new shield and weapon, and headed to Act 2. My Demon Hunter friend joined me at this point, and his set up is purely damage based. We had a lot of synergy with my control enabling him and me to do damage, and we cleared at a pretty fast pace through Act 2 up to quest 8 'The Black Soulstone'. We will finish up the act this weekend, and probably start working on Act 3. I think that the end goal is to be able to do Azmodan runs since him and the boss before him are pretty easy. Get a 5 stack of NV and then kill them. The dungeon before them is circular so it offers some nice paths for kiting.

Let me know if you have any questions about my build for soloing as a Witch Doctor. I was able to hold my own in Act 1 and Act 2 solo, and it worked extremely well in group play as well.

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