Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Farming Inferno Act I

Okay, so since my last update I have beaten Hell difficulty, and unlocked the Inferno difficulty!

This is the pink team before we loaded up and finished Hell. There were some champion packs in Hell that were very hard for us, but we were always able to kill them eventually. Hell provided a challenge, but there was really nothing in Hell that was too hard that we had to skip it. Okay, I lied.

When we got to Izual in Hell we wiped on our first try because two people died, and we ended up losing a third trying to rez them. When we came back from the wipe we had to fight two Izuals at the same time. In the picture one Izual is a chicken. After THAT we came back and killed him, but that would have been the first thing we skipped if the duplicate didn't despawn. Woe to the hardcore character that gets to Izual and has to fight two at once.

So welcome to Inferno, the magical land of four affix elite packs. This was waiting for us when we jumped down in to the cathedral in Act I for the first time. We actually did end up killing it, but it was rough since that entryway isn't the best place to fight a pack that you have to dodge that much stuff on. We pressed on, and actually ran in to some much easier champion packs as we progressed through the cathedral.

This was actually the easiest fight that we had all night. The good part is that he seems to drop nice loot when you have a five stack of Nephalem Valor. Same SK fight that he has been the previous difficulties. Not sure what he melees for since I used Spirit Walk every time he tried to port on top of me.

I suck at screenshots and don't have anymore, but I've finished Act I and actually gone back and farmed it a bit for gear. I haven't gotten anything for myself yet, but I have sold some gear to stuff my coffers with gold. I tried a little bit of Act II with some friends, but we died so much we decided to stop. I think my damage is around 15,000 at the moment, and I have about 300 to every resist. I need to up my survivability some more, and I need a lot more HP. That is my main goal of farming Act I. Hopefully next update I will have made some progress through Act II, but I am a Witch Doctor after all.

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