Thursday, May 17, 2012

So I'm In Hell

So it's obviously been a few days since my last update, and I'm sure it's also obvious why. I'm only through Skeleton King on hell at this point because I helped my wife catch up, and I farmed myself a Nightmarish Staff of Herding. Here's my Witch Doctor so far.

I took this picture from this screen so you could conveniently see my build and stats. I have been having a pretty decent time clearing everything so far, and when things get rough I use Big Bad Voodoo to keep my group up while giving us a nice damage boost. Only really ran in to one troublesome pack of elites so far on Hell. The Skeleton King was the easiest named that we killed tonight. I think fighting the elites in small hallways when they have 3 affixes is much harder.

Here's an example of a pretty simple triple affix pack. The one that we struggles with was Desecrator Jailor Immune Minions mainly because we had to fight it in a tiny basement dungeon, and the minions were blocking single target LOS most of the time. Those basement dungeon packs should be fun on inferno. Going to get back to beefing up my Witch Doctor now!

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