Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inferno Act I Best Farm Spot

So obviously after clearing Act I on Inferno difficulty I wanted to identify what would be the best location in the act to farm for gear. What I have been doing with my group is starting at the beginning of quest 9, and going through to the Butcher. I'll explain why I think this is the best farming spot in a second, but here's two screenshots for proof.

As you can see from the pictures I got a whole bunch of loot off of the Butcher. The reason for this is that Nephalem Valor is at 5 stacks which pretty much makes act bosses crap out yellows. Everyone in my group was getting 2-4 per kill. The reason that we start at quest 9 is also because when you kill the Warden in the prison he's also considered an act boss and drops multiple yellows with a 5 stack of Nephalem Valor.

Getting your stack to 5 is pretty easy here. The Halls of Agony and the prison are nice dungeons with rectangular hallways for kiting. It makes fighting the rare and champion packs pretty simple no matter what the affixes are.

For all of you Witch Doctors out there this is the build that I was using. I like Locust Swarm for my AOE because it's fire and forget which lets me spend more time using Poison Dart. Soul Harvest for the AOE heal and damage buff, Spirit Walk for obvious reasons, Grasp to help kite and slow mobs for your group, and Big Bad Voodoo for group burst damage.

These are my stats with my shield on. I generally put this on against elite packs that I know I'm going to take damage from (Mortar, Jailer, Fast etc.), and it has helped out tremendously. With my mojo I go up to about 16.5k damage. The shield has allowed me to live through things that would have killed other people in my group, or would have killed me with my mojo on. As you can see my mojo is in my bags always because I swap between the two as the situation calls for it. It's increased my survivability in a big way, and I'd recommend getting a shield for those hairy situations.

I think I am about ready for Act 2 so as long as my group agrees I will head there, and let you know of any awesome farming areas that I find.


  1. Hey mates ; been following your site for a while now ... am Noff#1998
    hope you can ping me in game.. will be playing around 6pm Central time.

    Hoping to gear up like ur WD. ALso am wondering if it`s be the same sort of loots if you party or solo.. yeas am aware of the NV stacks

    1. Generally the only difference for me in a group is I make sure to get Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance.