Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Act III Inferno

So last time I told you that I left off at The Black Soulstone in Act II. I was waiting for my Demon Hunter friend that I had progressed through the act with to be on, but ended up actually seeing how I fared solo. I had to move slowly in order to make sure that I was clearing adequate kite paths in the event that I pulled a champion or elite pack. I ended up clearing out all three remaining dungeons of all their mobs and defeated Zoltun Kulle solo with a 5 stack of Nephalem Valor. At this point a Wizard friend of mine and a Monk friend wanted in for Belial so we grouped up and killed the Lord of Lies even though the Wizard was dead for the entirety of phase three.

This is my good friend Kormac and I looking for the body of Zoltun Kulle.

I grouped up with another Demon Hunter friend (seems like my whole friends list is Demon Hunters) and started up Act III. This act was much more unforgiving than the previous two acts. If you recall Act III from the previous difficulties there are fallen shaman that shoot fireballs, blue dinosaur birds that shoot fireballs, and snake arm men that shoot a green pool and a snake at you. All of these things one-shot me. Our progress in this act was slow and full of one-shot deaths. As you can see though we did kill enough elites for a five stack when we killed Ghom. Ghom was such an easy joke of a fight for us. Kiting with Grasp and fearing or Spirit Walking from the adds he throws. Neither of us took a single hitpoint of damage the whole fight. Very very easy boss.

I meant to go to bed at this point, but we decided to go kill Siegebreaker with our five stack of NV so we headed his way. Halfway across the bridge we realized how late is was so we just made a mad dash to the door. We didn't really pass anything we couldn't kill, but we didn't want to spend the extra time at this point. Siegebreaker was pretty easy. He was low and I got greedy and ate a charge which is why Spirit Vessel is procced currently. Another pretty easy boss. The charge is well telegraphed, and he seemed to be slowable with Grasp. Knocked out one checkpoint past him to save my progress in the quest log.

Yes, this is a Butcher run. I decided that I needed to up my gear because being one-shot by everything wasn't fun, and wouldn't be very viable solo. I have upgraded my damage (with Pierce the Veil) to 39,000 and still have 25,000 HP with about 350 to all resists. My templar also has about 75,000 HP so we should be in a good position to work on the remainder of Act III. I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Myrx, what kind of build did u use and what was your dps on azmodan? :)
    - nice blog btw.. :)
    and how did u evade the cirkels of doom on azmo?

    1. I use a standard Splinters/Kite build to clear to and kill Azmodan. I've actually been doing a lot of him recently. My current damage is 90,000 so unless yours is near that my tactic for Azmodan is probably a little skewed. Nevertheless...

      I start the fight by popping whatever 2 minute cooldowns I have in my current build. It's usually BBV-Slam Dance though. At 66% or so he will trigger to begin using his pools. I will keep dpsing him down until about 3 pools are out or so, and then I just run from him. I also snipe any demon portals that open which you can see from the mini map. Using this strat he comes out of the first pool phase at around 30% and I can sit there and push him in to his second pool phase, and usually I have him dead before he can cast very many pools.
      Sometimes I have trouble with the pools. It seems like they spawn right under me, and even with Spirit Walk and 16% movement speed I sometimes can't get out of them fast enough. This is when I am moving when they spawn as well. I'm assuming it's just a mechanic that punishes my glass cannon style since pools is the one thing Spirit Walk sucks at getting out of. Good luck.